It’s natural to feel anxious and perhaps a little guilty when you leave your pet under the care of a pet boarding facility. Your pet’s safety and well-being are foremost on your mind.  However, if you succeed in identifying a good boarding facility, all will end well. Your pet will have a great and enjoyable experience.

Reputable facilities lavish their furry guests with love and attention. For example, your pet will enjoy exercise sessions and nutritious meals. There will also be an opportunity to play with other pets. In addition, a good facility will offer you updates while you are away, and may even have live webcams in place. We have checked out the available facilities and are pleased to present a list of the 5 Best Pet Boarding Services in Brisbane for your reference.

1. Dolittles Pet Retreats

Dollittles Pet Retreats

Dolittles Pet Retreats offer you peace of mind when you drop off your pet at one of their country retreats. This is because not only have they been offering pet boarding services for over 30 years, but their team leaders are passionate about their work. And best of all, they live right there on site. They are fully conversant with handling medical issues, disabled and older pets. In addition, Dolittles staff members have a combined experience of over 50 years in pet care. Also, in addition to the facility at Brisbane West-Kholo, Dolittles also operates from Brisbane South-Ellen Grove.


  • Home pick-ups and delivery can be arranged.
  • The Brisbane West facility guarantees individual housing.
  • Airport shuttles are available for the collection of your pets if you are departing by air.
  • Weekend and after-hour collections can be arranged.


  • Standard and long-term accommodation for canines
  • Cat accommodation: quiet and private with a window
  • Boarding service for birds, guinea pigs, rats, mice, fish, and reptiles
  • Airport shuttles
  • Special diets are accommodated
  • Medication is dispensed
  • Tick prevention
  • Hydro baths and grooming

2. Purrrfect Pet Place

Purrrfect Pet Place

Purrrfect Pet Place services Belmont and the surrounding Bayside suburbs. Established in 1982, this family-run facility will delight in looking after your pet when you are away. Purrrfect Pet Place offers high-quality, attentive service. The team there is professional and caring. They ensure that their furry guests are at ease. Your feline friend will be housed in a spacious unit with enough room to stretch and play. The unit leads out to a secure play area. There are also spacious garden units for cat families.


  • Feline guests are fed on Royal Canin Sensible dry food.
  • The facility also accommodates dogs, and smaller pets such as guinea pigs, snakes, birds, and turtles.
  • It is recommended that you pack a small bed or favorite towel for your cat so that there can be a familiar smell about to put your cat at ease.
  • Purrrfect Pet Place offers exceptional facilities at an affordable price.


  • Boarding services for birds of all breeds and sizes, dogs, and smaller pets
  • Cattery: standard units, deluxe unit



  • Standard unit: $22/day
  • Deluxe unit: $29/day


  • From $5/day

3. Aussie Pet Resort

Aussie Pet Resort

The Aussie Pet Resort is housed in a purpose-built facility 45 minutes north of the Brisbane CBD. Set in 50 acres of gardens and trees, this is the perfect rural setting for your pet’s holiday. The owner Tamara Wightman who also manages the facility has over 20 years of experience in general animal practice. In addition, she is a qualified dog trainer. Tamara is backed by a team of experienced animal lovers who take the time to get acquainted with their guests so as to bond with them.


  • The resort has invested in the latest guest reservation system for the accurate recording of your pet’s requirements.
  • The fussiest pets will be adequately taken care of.
  • The premises are newly renovated and they are kept pristine and comfortable.
  • Your pet will be treated to a complimentary spa bath and blow dry before departure.


  • Dog boarding: suites with balcony and deluxe bedding
  • Cattery: comfortable cat lounge rooms
  • Grooming
  • Daily exercise
  • Grass exercise yards
  • Premium food and treats


  • Canine suites: $39/day
  • The cat view: $ 31/day
  • Special care: $4 for guests who need their own food and medication
  • Time-specific medication: $20/day
  • Holiday surcharge: $5/day

4. Acacia Ridge Pet Resort

Acacia Ridge

Acacia Ridge Pet Resort is a facility that is perfect for pets that love to be pampered. The luxury suites are equipped with luxury beds and LCD Televisions. Included in the price for a suite is a session of personal playtime with a caregiver. The standard canine accommodation is equally spacious and bright. Your furry friend is assured of the utmost care and attention at Acacia, and best of all you can schedule as many brushing sessions as you like.


  • For stays of over 2 days, your pet will be given a complimentary hydrobath before departure.
  • Acacia staff is trained to dispense prescription medication.
  • If your dog prefers to be alone, a personal room will be allocated.
  • The resort can arrange a visit to a pet salon if you wish, for your pet to enjoy a full grooming experience.


  • Boarding: canine luxury suites, pet potties, private grassy yards
  • Playground: exercise yard, shade, splash pools
  • Food: quality brand
  • Daily exercise
  • Pet Taxi
  • Cat boarding


  • Small dog: $27/day
  • Large dog: $29/day
  • Luxury cat suite: $40/day
  • Canine luxury suite: $60/day

5. Samford Pet Resort

Samford Pet Resort

Established in 1985, Samford Pet Resort is located 21 kilometers from Brisbane’s CBD. Set in 40 acres, the facility is surrounded by greenery and provides a tranquil retreat for your pet. This award-winning facility is manned by pet care professionals whose goal is to maintain a caring environment for pets left under their care. Samford Pet Resort was the proud winner of the Dogs Life Magazine Best Boarding Facility in Australia award. Moreover, this is by no means the only achievement award the facility has achieved. Hence you are assured of excellent service.


  • The resort offers free pet pick-up and delivery for pets booked to stay with them.
  • Available is an online service that enables you to observe your pet’s activities.
  • There is a vet on-site to oversee your pet’s health.
  • Your pet will be treated to massages and given round-the-clock care.


  • Pet grooming
  • Pet insurance
  • Jordan dog training
  • Domestic and international transportation
  • Boarding facilities: for cats, dogs, rodents, birds
  • Daily exercise
  • Fresh meals


  • Dog guest rooms: from $35/day
  • Dog resort rooms: from $56/day
  • Dog luxury rooms: from $66/day
  • Cat guest rooms: from $35.50/day
  • Cat luxury suites: from $52.50/day
  • Birds: from $12.50/day
  • Rodents: from$13.50/day