Acacia Ridge

Acacia Ridge Pet Resort is a facility that is perfect for pets that love to be pampered. The luxury suites are equipped with luxury beds and LCD Televisions. Included in the price for a suite is a session of personal playtime with a caregiver. The standard canine accommodation is equally spacious and bright. Your furry friend is assured of the utmost care and attention at Acacia, and best of all you can schedule as many brushing sessions as you like.


  • For stays of over 2 days, your pet will be given a complimentary hydrobath before departure.
  • Acacia staff is trained to dispense prescription medication.
  • If your dog prefers to be alone, a personal room will be allocated.
  • The resort can arrange a visit to a pet salon if you wish, for your pet to enjoy a full grooming experience.


  • Boarding: canine luxury suites, pet potties, private grassy yards
  • Playground: exercise yard, shade, splash pools
  • Food: quality brand
  • Daily exercise
  • Pet Taxi
  • Cat boarding


  • Small dog: $27/day
  • Large dog: $29/day
  • Luxury cat suite: $40/day
  • Canine luxury suite: $60/day