Animal wellness

Dr Elaine Cebuliak founded Animal Wellness in 2010. She is a highly qualified veterinary surgeon, physician, and also a qualified Naturopath and Remedial Massage Healer. Dr Cebuliak is the author of ‘Help for Pets and People’, a book that offers anxiety relief. She is ably backed by Dr Malina Fielder, a veterinarian and holistic animal nutritionist and a team of dedicated, experienced nurses who both love and own animals. Animal Wellness provides quality holistic as well as traditional care. 


  • The clinic offers the best of both worlds. They examine animals from a holistic viewpoint but are also fully conversant with traditional medicine.
  • Their qualified staff will assist you in formulating a natural, healthy diet plan for your pet baby.
  • Pet acupuncture is available for pain management.
  • Phone and internet consultation is possible.


  • Cancer care
  • Allergy treatments
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Pet dentistry: root canal therapy
  • Holistic anesthetic
  • Veterinary physical therapy
  • Western herbal medicine
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Veterinary acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Vaccination
  • De-sexing
  • Dog grooming