Blue Wheelers is Australia’s leading mobile dog grooming franchise. Furthermore, it offers 15 locations in Sydney. All Blue Wheeler groomers hold the necessary certifications and are fully trained. Moreover, the advantage is they come to you. This means that you are spared the stress of getting your pup to the groomers. One franchisee is John Carvan, who has been dog grooming with Blue Wheelers since 2013. The areas he covers include Albion Park, Albion Park Rail, Calderwood, Tullimbar, and Mount Warrigal, and the surrounding areas. Insured and accredited, John holds a certificate IV in dog grooming. Importantly, he has glowing references from satisfied customers.


  • Grooming takes place in the comfort of your home, where your dog feels safe and comfortable.
  • Blue Wheelers offer a personalized service to dogs of all shapes and sizes, both short and long-haired.
  • Hydro baths and mobile salons are thoroughly sanitized between appointments.


  • Pre-brushing
  • Towel and blow-dry
  • Canine cologne
  • Premium shampoos
  • Detangling
  • Hygiene clip
  • Nails trim


  • Prices range from $35 for a full-service wash and $55 for a full-service wash and grooming.
  • The cost depends on the length of hair, breed, size, the condition of your pet, and other variables.