Maid 2 Go - Business

Mar 19, 2021


  • Online price estimates available
  • Specialized services offered
  • Fast booking

Services on Offer

  • House cleaning
  • End-of-lease cleaning

Cheap, efficient, reliable are only some of the qualities and virtues that the folks at Maid 2 Go maintain with a dedication that is rarely seen. They are a relatively well-known name in the business and are famous for their attention to detail. In fact, you won’t be able to spot even a tiny stain.

They make sure that you’re super satisfied with their work, and if you aren’t, then just let them know. They’ll sort out the issue for you for free! Offering a wide range of services, you’re sure to find the one that you’re looking for.

From the usual cleaning of rugs to carpets and upholstery to more specialized ones likes cobweb and pet hair removals, they do it all. They’re especially good at end-of-leash cleanings so that you can get your full deposit back. With a high rating and several positive reviews, they surely deserve your attention if you are in need of some cleaning.

Be sure to check their website regularly for some great discounts.