• A systematic approach to ensure an efficient move
  • Modern state-of-the-art storage facility
  • An excellent choice for Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Services on offer

  • Complete pre-pack and unpack
  • Full Professional Pack
  • A storage facility with high-security and CCTV monitoring
  • Modular storage for TVs or paintings
  • Transport of high-value possessions
  • Full removal services

Are you someone who hates to be disorganized and want your move to be systematic and well-thought-out? Metro Removals shares the same sentiment, and that’s why they’re one of the most systematic professional removalists out there!

With their expert local knowledge and reputation in the moving business, they do everything they can to ensure that your possessions reach you safely and in perfect condition. They take their storage very seriously as well. Their Metro Removals Storage provides a modern facility where you can store even your most valuable collectibles like paintings or family heirlooms.

With plenty of excellent reviews, it is hardly any surprise to see them on this list. Their blog is also a gem in itself, with plenty of tips to help you with the move.