Rosie's pets

Rosie Pets Brisbane is ideal for anxious pets as they offer professional dog grooming services in the comfort of your home. No more having to bundle your reluctant pooch into the car for a trip to the salon. Instead, your furry friend will enjoy a stress-free experience at an affordable price. Rosie Pets staff members are qualified dog groomers who are able to pick up on underlying issues and bring them to your attention. In addition, they are friendly and knowledgeable and they will treat your pooch like a king.


  • Rosie Pets vans are equipped with tubs to fit even the largest dogs.
  • The groomers use specially designed showerheads and products that are suited to your dog’s skin.
  • A special express bath is available for dogs on the go.


  • Express Bath
  • Deluxe Bath: Wash, blow-dry, ears and eyes clean, brush out
  • Full Groom: Deluxe bath, blow-dry, clip and hand scissoring, paw cleaning
  • Mini Groom: Deluxe bath, blow-dry, tidy up
  • Coat strip: Deluxe bath, blow-dry, strip out, removal of dead hair, nail clip, ear clean


  • Express bath: $30-$40
  • Deluxe bath: $35-$45
  • Full groom: $80-$150
  • Mini groom: $60-$90
  • Coat strip: $80-$150