Cat Palace

The team at the Cat Palace love, respect, and most importantly are knowledgeable about cats. The facility was founded in 1994 and was formerly known as East Chatswood Cat Clinic. It later became Chatswood Cat Central and Dr. Kim Kendall Cat Vet. It is an exclusively cat-only environment headed by Dr. Kim Kendall, a well-known cat vet who oversees all the grooming services. The Cat Palace understands what makes cats tick, and offers services in a way that puts them at ease.


  • The salon is manned by a friendly and engaging team that puts both the cats and their human parents at ease.
  • Most of the time clips can be done without sedation
  • The Anivac Pure Oxygen wash is used to pull out the dirt from the coat right down to the skin


  • Standard wash and blow-dry
  • Anivas Oxywash
  • Nail clipping
  • Coat clip
  • Flea special
  • Feline fine grooming


Service Cost
Short hair wash and blow-dry $80
Long hair wash and blow-dry $100 (for cats over 6Kg)
Anivac Oxywash $27.50 (additional cost)
Nail clipping only $39
Flea special – long hair $125
Flea special – short hair $ 99
Sedation $65-$105