The Dapper Dog Grooming and Spa

The Dapper Dog Grooming & Spa operates from peaceful, homely surroundings. Dogs have access to the garden, as there are no cages there. Your pooch will enjoy personalized service from the qualified groomer assigned to him. Kath Marshall, who owns the salon, is an internationally qualified professional dog groomer. Her able assistant is Cait Warmerdam, a professional dog stylist with over 5 years of experience.


  • The grooming team goes the extra mile to calm anxious dogs so that they can enjoy the grooming experience
  • The products used are gentle to the skin as they are 100% plant-derived
  • The salon is open on Saturdays, which is convenient if you are at work on weekdays


  • Puppy groom for new puppies
  • Short coat wash and blow-dry
  • Long coat wash, dry, and comb out
  • Long coat full groom – includes a full body clip
  • Pedigree breed clip
  • Deshedding treatments
  • Spa treatments


  • Introductory puppy groom: $60-$80
  • Short coat wash and dry: $60-$85
  • Long coat wash, dry, brush out: $72-$130
  • Long coat full groom: $84-$130
  • Pedigree breed clip: $96-$160
  • Dematting: $15 per 15 minute
  • Spa treatments: $10-$22