The House Call Vet

The House Call Vet is Brisbane’s top mobile veterinary practice. Dr Ben Haines, who is at its helm, knew from the age of 5 that he wanted to be a vet. One of his team members is Maqhelah Simpson, who is in the House Call section. She, too, has always had a passion for animals. Moreover, her keen interest in their care goes as far back as she can remember. The goal of The House Call Vet is to spare you from painful vet trips accompanied by stressed-out pets. Hence, they will care for your pet in the comfort of your home.


  • The clinic offers both a day service as well as an after-hours one.
  • The mobile units are fully equipped with diagnostic equipment and a pharmacy.
  • Complimentary patient transport is provided in cases where in-clinic care is necessary.
  • Treatment is undertaken by a vet accompanied by a nurse.


  • Full assessment: blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart electrical activity, eyes and ears
  • Ambulance transfer: oxygen, intravenous fluid pumps
  • Mobile laboratory: microscope, and in-house tests
  • Mobile office: credit card facilities, printers, laptops


The consultation fees start from $ 79.50, applicable for all areas of Brisbane.